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      Winning $213-Million Powerball Ticket Sold At Fresno Store

      Someone in Fresno is multi-millionaire after buying the winning Powerball ticket worth $213-million. We still don't know who the winner is, but we do know where the winning ticket was sold.

      The California Lottery says it was bought at the "Fast N Easy" on the corner of Shields and Armstrong in Fresno. The convenience store gets a prize too. The owner says he will receive a little bit more than $1-million dollars for selling the winning ticket.

      "We're really happy;" says "Fast N Easy" Owner Vinny Vohra, I'm especially happy for the person who won."

      Vohra adds he doesn't know who the winner is, but he hopes they are a regular. While the Powerball is a big win this isn't the "Fast N Easy's" first lottery victory. The convenience store has sold four other winning tickets, but the prizes were much smaller. Vohra says it's pretty exciting they get a piece of the huge prize this time and he's going to throw a big party for his family and friends.

      "I want to help the economy, so I'll spend it pretty fast," adds Vohra.

      If you did buy a Powerball ticket at the Fresno convenience store and want to double check your numbers, they are...3-23-31-34-47 and Powerball number 13.

      The lucky person with the winning ticket has exactly one year to claim their prize.