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      Stupid Super Bowl Party Tradition: Fish Shooters

      A group in Visalia has been holding a Super Bowl party every year since the early 90's. {} The host is a Niners fan but you don't have to root for the red and gold to be invited. {}{}

      The{}party at Russell Notturno's has been an annual event for sixteen or seventeen years. {} No one could seem to pin it down.{} There's a monster tv screen in the house, and a big screen in the back. {}

      Shooters are served all game long.{} It's served with alcohol and what the guys call sushi. {} Notturno calls it a stupid tradition started years ago.{}{}"We started a little game throwing beer caps in a bucket and we needed a consequence. {} If you missed the bucket my roommate said let's swallow a gold fish and that's where it started."

      Notturno says they go through 50 to 100 fish every year.{}{} It seems the majority of the party goers were Niners fans. {} The brought their own cups and showed their support on their cheeks. {}

      John Huerta is a Rams fan but he never misses the party.{}{}"It's one of those things that draw the neighbors around. {} If they weren't here watching it they could stay out at home and see it from their back yard anyway." The party even featured a taco truck ready to serve Mexican dishes.