Explosions On The Sun! Why More Could Be Headed Our Way.

      {}{}{} For the past two days our sun has been putting on quite a show.

      {}{}{} KMPH has obtained video of the latest of four, monster, X-class solar flares which exploded off the surface of the sun in just the last 48 hours.

      {}{}{} X-class solar flares are the strongest type the sun produces.

      {}{}{} The most recent one popped off late last night and unleashed a solar storm that space weather experts say could deal earth a glancing blow by the end of this week.

      {}{}{} NASA says it erupted on the side of the sun, but that particular sunspot will soon rotate into a position directly facing earth.

      {}{}{} Solar storms can interfere with radio and satellite signals.

      {}{}{} Experts say, more strong solar flares could be coming in the days ahead.