Aspen Fire Continues Smoke Production

      From KMPH News PartnerMARIPOSA GAZETTE

      The Aspen Fire in Sierra National Forest is continuing to send smoke into Mariposa County. Located in a remote area, the fire has proven hard to fight. The fire has burned more than 11,000 acres as on Monday. It was only 20 percent contained as of Monday morning.

      On Sunday, firefighters brought in a modified DC-10 jet to make large water drops on the blaze. An atmospheric inversion layer on Sunday led to especially heavy smoke conditions across the area.

      Lightning apparently ignited the blaze on Tuesday, July 23. Three structures have been threatened, officials said.

      Smoke from the Aspen Fire will impact air quality in area communities. Individuals sensitive to smoke may choose to remain indoors and keep windows closed, to minimize exposure.

      For additional fire information, contact the High Sierra Ranger District (559) 855-5355 or Clovis (559) 297-0706, or visit