Store Owner: Baseball Coach Caught Stealing More Than Bases

      The Fresno Police Department is investigating a well known baseball coach and instructor from the Valley for shoplifting.

      The owner of Fresno's World of Baseball says he caught former professional baseball player, Thomari Story-Harden red handed, but Story-Harden says he knows nothing about it.

      Thomari Story-Harden is the president of Team Avenue Baseball. He spent nine years as a pro baseball player, and works with several local high school and college players.

      Fresno police confirm he's{}been named a suspect in a theft at the World of Baseball store.

      World of Baseball employees say Thursday evening, they saw Story-Harden put several training gloves, arm strength bands, and about a dozen batting gloves inside his pants and socks, and then fill up a bucket with about $600 in other merchandise.

      Caleb Bravo with World of Baseball says, "He slowly started kicking it out the door with his foot. Once I saw him do that and leave with the bucket, that's when I confronted him. He said I'm sorry man."

      Caleb adds he later got several phone calls from him.

      Fresno police are now investigating the incident.

      By phone Story-Harden told KMPH reporter Erik Rosales, he knew nothing about it. He then said he was inside the facility Thursday night, training a player. But employees of World of Baseball say Story-Harden was training no one.

      Meanwhile, World of Baseball employees say despite the outcome of the police investigation, the former pro-ball player is no longer allowed inside the business.