Stairs Leading To 1920's Cellar Found in Downtown Fresno

      Stairs leading to a 1920's cellar were found in downtown Fresno Tuesday afternoon.

      The exploration was led by a group of archeologists hired by the new high-speed railway.

      Their mission was to find historical artifacts belonging to Fresno's past.

      After digging for nearly two days, researchers stumbled across a flight of brick stair hidden several feet underground.

      According to Karana Hattersley-Drayton of Fresno's historic preservation group, the stairs appear to lead down to the cellar of a 1920's home.

      The stairs were found behind an adult book store on Fresno and G St. in downtown Fresno.

      The location is also set to be home for the new high-speed rail.

      With the discovery of the stairs, the members of Chinatown revitalization may have the first solid clue to their past.

      However is the stairs turn out to be a true historical landmark, that could be a major roadblock for the railway development.