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      Mosquitoes Multiplying Despite A Dry Spring

      Despite being a dry year, mosquitoes have been very active this spring.{}{}

      The Fresno Mosquito Control District has been spraying since March. Storm drains are a popular place for the little pests to breed.{}{}

      Gary Byde with Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District said every month{}teams of two go out in Jeeps and spray 4,500 storm drains{}in the Fresno area.

      Dirty swimming pools are always a major source for mosquitoes multiplying.

      Each year the district hires a company to fly over Fresno to photograph backyards.

      "It seems like we don't have as many as previous years, still a lot of them out there. One pool can create a lot of mosquito activity for the neighborhood."

      Mosquitoes only need a few days in standing water to hatch and become a pest. {} The average time from larvae to adult is just five days.{} The life cycle of a mosquito is only a couple of weeks but with all the breeding ground in just the city alone it's always an uphill battle to keep them in check.{}{}