Home Depot Evacuated in Search for Suspected Carjacker

      A busy Home Depot in southeast{}Fresno was evacuated Friday night after a suspected carjacker hid inside the store to escape officers, police say.

      Dozens of people were forced out of the store just before 8 p.m. and officers used the store's announcement system to coax the man out.

      Police say the man fled the scene of a traffic stop in the area of Kings Canyon and Chestnut. He then tried to car jack a person in the parking lot before running into the Home Depot.

      The suspected carjacker eventually gave up after officers threatened{}to release a police dog.

      Customers and employees waiting outside the store cheered and clapped as the man was led out{}in handcuffs.

      Police say the man thought he had a felony warrant for his arrest, but officers say he was just on probation.