Falling Tree Branches Split Part Of Oakhurst Home In Two

      Two giant tree branches that fell onto a home in Oakhurst on Wednesday caused major damage.

      Kim Doyle, who lives across the street from the now damaged home, said she was on the computer when she heard a loud thump.

      "I thought I heard a car crash through the house, but it turned out it was a tree falling on top of the house," Doyle said.

      Two branches - each nearly 30-feet long - landed on the roof and in the back part of the house, missing a barbecue grill by an inch but damaging the patio, roof and the kitchen.

      Doyle said Wednesday's incident was not the first time she has seen a tree fall over.

      "The tree across the street, one time, a few years back, fell because it was old and dry," said Doyle, who suspects the drought and scorching heat could have played a role.

      Insurance adjusters think the tree is about 150 years old, making it prone to damage from hot or cold weather.

      Doyle says it was a close call but a lucky one.

      "At least it's not a fire after all the fires we had in Yosemite Lakes Park."