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      UPDATE: Deputy Takes Down Man With Box Cutter In Southeast Fresno

      UPDATE: The name of the man killed in a run in with a Fresno County sheriff's deputy has been released.

      Randall Davis, 51, was shot and killed by a Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy near Thomas and Willow avenues in southeast Fresno.

      Deputies say Davis, who was armed with a box cutter, charged at one of the deputies.

      A second deputy who arrived on the scene shot Davis, killing him.

      The deputy has been placed on leave while the department investigates.

      ORIGINAL: A man is dead and a Fresno County sheriff's deputy is lucky to be alive after the man, armed with a box cutter, attacked the deputy and the deputy's gun wouldn't work.

      It happened in the area of Thomas and Willow avenues in southeast Fresno.

      Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says the deputy responded to a call for a suicidal man.

      When he got there, the man had a box cutter, and began to walk toward the deputy.

      That's when the deputy shot the man, but he kept on coming.

      He jumped on the deputy and when the deputy grabbed for his gun again, it didn't work.

      Just then, another deputy got there, saw what was happening and shot the man again, this time killing him.

      This is the third deadly shooting involving a Fresno police officer or Fresno County Sheriff's deputy of the year.