Bay Area Man Hunt Because Of Ricin Scare

      It's being called one of the largest manhunts in the Bay Area.

      The FBI is looking for a man who they say was found to have a large stash of explosives at his San Francisco home.

      Investigators are looking for 42-year-old Ryan Chamberlain.

      The FBI considers him armed and dangerous after a large amount of what appears to be the poison, ricin, was found in his Russian Hill apartment.

      Police say Chamberlain could be driving a white Nissan Altima with Texas plates.

      They are concerned that the car could be rigged with some form improvised explosive device or a bio-chemical weapon.

      On Saturday, agents spent the day in hazmat gear trying to contain the site at his apartment.

      Chamberlain describes himself as a political junkie and sometime operative.

      Although police say he has not made any threats, they do urge people to stay away from him and call 911 if you see him.